Understanding why your boiler is noisy

Industrial noise pollution causes all kinds of problems, some of them permanent. It can inconvenience you and your workers, as well as anybody living in the area. With the right equipment though, you can lower the noise your operations produce. We can set you up with discharge silencer products and a host of other solutions. The bespoke models can help to make everything quieter.

Are you having a hard time figuring out why your boiler is being so noisy? Boilers making loud noises can be annoying and very disruptive. In some cases they can be loud enough to be dangerous.

If it’s just noise, you may be able to install a silencer to reduce the sound. In other cases though, it could be something more worrying. We are going to discuss some of the reasons why your appliance might be noisy. This way, you will know what approach to take when you hear certain sounds.

Limescale or heat exchanger issues

The first reason you might have a noisy boiler is due to limescale build up or a faulty heat exchanger. Noises here include clanging, banging, whistling, and kettling.

The accumulation of scale in pipes, the heat exchanger, and connections commonly happens in hard-water areas. It can cause the sounds we mentioned above. The limescale will attach itself to the pipework and components. Consequently, hotspots where hot water gets to high temperatures will show up. When steam bubbles pop, you will hear the noises.

Limescale is something you will want to deal with ASAP. It could cause you to replace the heat exchanger or your entire boiler if it gets too bad.

Central heating sludge

Another problem is central heating sludge build up. It can cause whistling and kettling.

This problem happens in every system. As the inside of pipes, radiators, and components degrades, it breaks off into deposits. As it moves through the system it will make clicking, trickling, and tapping sounds. This is the particles hitting the sides of radiators and pipes.

Alternatively, the sludge will attach itself to components of the boilers. This will cause an issue similar to the scaling.


The last reason for noise we will discuss is an airlock in the boiler pump. You will hear banging noises with this one. Airlocks in your central heating do happen. Normally, you will hear the noise a few minutes following you turning on the boiler. It can also happen when you run hot water.

Talk to us if you need a discharge silencer

At Ventx, we provide industrial silencers that keep everyone safe. Our experience is extensive, with decades in both acoustics and engineering. As a result, we can design bespoke solutions for most problems. This can include new and existing facilities.

We are able to provide discharge silencer models and others to meet your particular specifications. So, please let us know if we can help.