Noise pollution can threaten animal life

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Research into noise pollution has revealed an alarming fact; it has a negative influence on over 100 species across several animal groups. Their ability to survive can suffer greatly. The threats of plastic pollution and climate change on animals are very well known. However, there has not been as much news on how noise pollution influences them. This new study could change that.

The research

It was researchers at Queen’s University Belfast that conducted the study. They did an analysis of the different species and put them into groups. This study was able to find clear evidence that noise pollution is capable of influencing all of them. Additionally, the different groups did not differ when it came to their response to noise.

Communication problems

There are many animals that depend on acoustic signals for communication. They need these to warn others of threats, and to choose mates. Naturally industrial noise can cause problems here. In addition, the pollution can stop several animals from catching prey whilst hunting. Owls and bats in particular depend on sound for this.

Aquatic life

There was also evidence that the noise had an effect on aquatic life. With fish larvae for instance, they locate their homes using the sound emitting from reefs. However, industrial noises make it hard for them. This could potentially lower their lifespans. Knowing all of this, you can see how vital it is to reduce noise pollution.

Designing a blow down silencer and other models

At Ventx, we have had the pleasure to work with various clients, helping them with their noise issues. Our industrial silencer designs can benefit the staff and visitors inside your facility. In addition, they can aid the people and creatures outside your walls by reducing the noise levels.

So, if you would like to know more about the blow down silencer or any other model, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to offer advice and recommendations.