Is noise pollution dangerous for children?

We combat the issues that come around because of industrial noise pollution. To do so, our business provides high quality silencer technology. Our products have the ability to offset the problems you face here. They do this by reducing the noises that come from all kinds of machinery and systems. That includes fans, generators, and duct work. We offer many models, including a blow off silencer. The silencers will ensure people have a much more pleasant experience at work and also help the environment.

With time, the noise in your environment can damage your hearing. This noise does not need to be as loud as the sounds that originate from a construction site or noisy manufacturing plant. For example, people living close to train lines, busy roads and airports can acclimatise to their noises. However, what you need to be aware of is that frequent noise pollution, even at quieter levels, is harmful to you. Children are also vulnerable.

Noise pollution has a massive negative influence on children. A report was issued by New Scientist that gives details of a 24-month study into this. The kids lived close to an airport in Germany. They found that the kids had long term reading impairment and memory loss issues due to the noise.

Brain development

If they live around loud noises, a child’s brain development can suffer. According to some studies, stress hormones rise because of frequent noise pollution. In turn, this can impact their psychological well-being.

Sound comprehension

There are even more details to discuss here. According to several scientists, the natural capacity a baby has to comprehend sounds could suffer too. This can happen thanks to the unnecessary sounds in the background. Such noises influence a baby’s brain. As a result, it becomes more difficult for them to learn their main language naturally.

Delivering a reliable blow off silencer and other models

At Ventx, we assist an exhaustive list of clients with their noise pollution issues. Our silencers have given them the means to make their working environment much quieter and safer. In addition, with our products, they are able to adhere to the UK environmental standards and can ensure noises are not harmful to nearby people.

If you require a blow off silencer or any other type, make sure you let us know. We design every product to be bespoke so it will deliver the best results.