Noise control in chemical plants

Of all the dangerous industrial facilities, chemical plants are one of the most hazardous. There are lots of risks to be aware of here. Most notable is the harmful substances on the sites. This can include acids, gases, and more. They can be stored or utilised at very high pressures and temperatures. However, noisy work environments can also be a major hazard. That is why operators need to think about noise control.

Protecting employees

Most chemicals manufacturers will have things in place to keep their employees safe. For example they will likely have controls that reduce the risk of people coming into contact with toxic substances. They will also probably have redundancies in place in case there are leaks. Plus, pipe lines and vessels will generally have safety valves in case there is excessive pressure.

However, it is easy to forget about protecting people from noise. To get it right operators need to have a proactive approach to tackling it. That will provide the best solutions and be far more effective than trying to address the sound levels in the future.

Acoustic enclosures

The best thing to do here is look at how to use noise mitigation measures on the greatest possible stage. For starters there should be a focus on using acoustic enclosures where they can. To do this though, they need to think about things like access control and the kind of conditions in an enclosure. You should not use one if the enclosed space will be even more dangerous for workers. For example, it may result in people working in spaces with insufficient ventilation.

Address every part of the gas movement process

A lot of noise in chemical plants can come from systems to transport and vent gases. The best thing to do here is use silencers and attenuators. You can install them at vents, safety valves, and even air filtration units. The right products can address breakout noise, dramatically reducing the risk to workers. Ideally, you should have a silencer or attenuator near any noise source and outlet.

Let us help you with noise control

At Ventx we appreciate that chemical plants have very strict regulations to meet. They are in place to protect the health of anybody on or near the site. There are also rules in place to minimise the impact on the environment. Luckily, we can deliver solutions to satisfy all of them. At the same time, we will ensure the measures do not harm performance.

So, if you are having trouble with noise control, whether it is a chemical plant or another industrial facility, we can help. Get in touch today to get us to find an acoustic solution for you.