The low profile silencer

Our main focus is to assist businesses with their noise troubles. Industrial noises in particular can be serious problems. This is because people often have to work in these environments for long periods. They can end up suffering all sorts of negative effects due to the exposure. However, with the help of products such as our diffuser silencer, they can carry on operating in a safer environment.

Silencers have a very important role to play in generators and combustion engines in various vehicles. This is particularly true with construction applications. The goal is to lower the exhaust emissions and noise. There are multiple kinds of silencers in use in this particular area. The one we want to discuss is the low profile model. It is an excellent choice for many needs.

The design

Silencers like these can come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Examples include round, oval, and rectangular. The specific design for each application generally reflects how much space is available. For example, the profile will be lowest when it is very small spaces.

You can apply these silencers to all kinds of generators. People often choose them for the largest models because they can boost noise reduction if you use them alongside sound enclosures. The drop in noise will be great than if you use an enclosure or silencer separately.

The silencers have to meet the proper guidelines as well. That is why it is always vital to work with a professional designer like us.

Spark arresting

When a generator is within a working environment, you may have to make alterations to the exhaust system. You must do so to make sure that the sparks from the combustion aren’t escaping into the external atmosphere. At the same time, you can reduce the noise.

You can choose spark arresting silencers here. They tend to be a cylindrical shape. They also usually have a modified reactor design. This permits the carbon sparks to circulate in the silencer, until they drop safely into a collection box. It is a necessity to clean the box as part of your maintenance program.

Choose a diffuser silencer

At Ventx, we use our silencers to help you combat noise from all kinds of sources. This includes fans, generators, duct work, and compressors to name a few. You can find any combination of them in industrial settings. This can create really big issues with sound levels. Luckily, we go to great lengths to get our designs right to help bring it down.

So, please get in touch with us if you require a first rate diffuser silencer or any other model. We can guide you, sharing our expertise so you get the best results.