Watch out for refrigerant leaks and electrical control issues

We are experts when it comes to the topic of noise pollution. This is a problem that plagues countless industrial companies. The air vent in particular can be a noisy piece of your infrastructure. To help, we supply high calibre silencers. We design these mechanisms specifically so that they are suitable for your existing systems.

Noisy air vents are definitely annoying. However, they could also be telling you that there is trouble afoot. Hearing some noise when the HVAC system operates is normal. However, you could start to hear strange noises like grinding, squeaking, clicking, or rattling. In these situations, you will need to look into things. Read on to find out about two things that lead to noisy air vents.

Refrigerant leaks

One cause of the noise could be a leaking refrigerant line. When these lines leak, they cause bubbling and hissing noises. They can easily travel through the ducts and out of air vents.

Another fact is that these noises often link to compressor problems and valve leaks. Whatever the situation, these can be dangerous complications. As a result, it is not wise to try resolving the problem on your own. If you hear bubbling or hissing coming from your air vent, turn the system off and talk to an expert.

Trouble with the electronics

There could also be electrical control problems. Something you may notice when your air comes on and shuts off is a click. This is a normal sound. When there is constant clicking though, there might be complications with the electrical control on your thermostat. Furthermore, there may be a system relay disruption. Replacing an old relay switch consists of handling wires carefully on the new and old relays.

If you have neither of these issues and the vents are still noisy, you will probably need a silencer. We can help you design the right one.

Reliable equipment for every kind of air vent

At Ventx, we combat the necessary evil that is noise pollution by designing the best industrial silencers. With one at your disposal, you can control the noise coming from a wide variety of sources. In addition to vents, they can help you with generators, compressors, and more.

So, if you would like to know more about our silencers, feel free to contact us. We can create a solution for any need, supporting clients who have to address noise from an air vent as well as people designing new facilities.