Is furnace banging a bad sign?

We understand how annoying industrial noise is. Our team has already been able to help countless clients who have had issues with it for one reason or another. The solution we are offering you is a silencer specifically to fit your current systems. We can provide one that can help with your gas vent, as well as others that can silence machinery. So, with our help you can reduce the sounds in and around facilities.

One area that can become rather noisy is the furnace. In a perfect world, the appliances responsible for making our buildings comfortable would function soundlessly and smoothly. However, they can make plenty of noise. For anyone with concerns that their furnace is too loud, it is best to figure out the source of the sounds. You must also determine whether it is normal or not.

Is it banging?

Furnace banging is definitely something you will want to listen out for. Should you hear a loud bang when you turn the appliance on, there may be an ignition issue.

Once a furnace receives a signal from the thermostat to start a cycle, the gas valve opens. The pilot light or ignition system should immediately ignite the gas. However, when this system malfunctions, a small degree of gas can accumulate in the combustion chamber. When ignition happens, there is typically sufficient gas build up in the chamber to create a banging sound. This noise can move through the building via the ducts.

What can affect the gas ignition?

There are a number of things that can influence gas ignition within a furnace. If you have a pilot light, a weak flame could stop the gas from rapidly igniting. Furnaces with an electronic ignition may have a problem with the set up. Furthermore, the burners can be clogged or dirty.

Another possibility is that the gas pressure could be so low that ignition doesn’t occur. This is until there is a substantial build up within the chamber. Any issue with your furnace needs to be inspected by a professional.

Talk to us for a gas vent silencer

At Ventx, there are important reasons why we use silencers to deal with industrial noise. There are the obvious hearing impairments. However, there can also be mental health complications. Some examples are higher stress levels, fatigue, and anxiety. By installing our silencers in places with excess noise through, you can manage it far more efficiently.

So, if you need a silencer for a gas vent, HVAC system, or any other noise source, please let us know. We are confident we can create the most effective product for you.