Acoustics means more than you think

Many of us have had to endure the pollution that industrial noise brings. Fortunately, businesses can do a lot more to reduce the sounds and disruption. Thanks to our silencer designs, we have solutions for each situation. This includes the in-line silencer. We are able to create all of these effective tools using our acoustic software. As a result they will be more than up to the job.

When you think about the word acoustics, what comes to mind? For most people it might be musical instruments. However, one definition of it is the science handling the reflection, transmission, reception, control, and production of sound.

As you can see, acoustics is a much broader term than most people think. If you are struggling with loud noises from a local manufacturer or even a neighbour, it is likely acoustics are to blame as well as the volume. Luckily, acoustic engineering can have the answer in many ways.

It is all about vibration and sound

This form of engineering is a branch that focuses on vibration and sound. Normally, the engineers here concern themselves with noise management. Careers in this area typically involve considerable understanding of maths and physics. Furthermore, you would need a degree that focuses on an engineering discipline.

Noise control

This is one of the areas of acoustical engineering, hence why we are talking about it. The goal here is to suppress sound. This could be to enhance the quality of life of people on the site or nearby, or to meet environmental standards. Noise pollution is an increasing issue. This has motivated people to come up with solutions for reducing it. This typically happens through the use of silencers like ours.

Do you need a bespoke in-line silencer?

At Ventx, we know how important it is to design the right solution for each noise issue. Were you to put just any old silencer in a facility, it could undermine the systems already in place. This would cause more bad than good. It could even have the opposite affect and make the noises louder. With our help though, you can avoid this.

If you require an in-line silencer or something similar, please contact us. We will do all we can to design a product that works for you. The acoustic modelling software ensures we get it right and also gives us more flexibility in terms of the design.