Discussing A, C, and Z noise assessment settings

The industrial silencers we provide are not your typical everyday items. Instead, they are bespoke to ensure they meet the needs of the client. Each one we create will allow you to greatly reduce the noise at industrial facilities and other premises. We design every model, including the intake silencer, to achieve the proper results every time.

Noise assessments are an essential part of the reduction process. One of the main purposes for using them is so you can introduce silencers and acoustic barriers capable of protecting everyone’s hearing. In addition, you can promote better onsite communication. Some of the most useful noise assessment settings you should know are A, C, and Z weightings. We have a brief guide below to offer details of each one.


This is the most humanlike of the three. What we mean is that A de-prioritises low and high frequencies. Instead it attunes to medium tones the ear can detect. Therefore, the decibels one picks up are not unlike what workers and others on the site will experience. When you look at a graph, A is a concave down curve. It has a heavy correction for smaller noises the ear can’t hear.


This accounts for the lower sounds. At the same time, it de-prioritises high and low ends of the spectrum. The weighting is essential because of its ability to measure peak sound pressure. It enables sound engineers to comprehend how lower pitches can affect us at greater volumes. C is incredibly useful when it comes to industrial noise abatement. After all, numerous locations produce low, harmful noise that needs attenuating.


This is different since it is a setting flat for every frequency. It takes everything in and does not put weights on the spectrum. It has its uses for octave band analysis work.

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At Ventx, we see to it that we match our silencers carefully to the specific application. To do this, we use special acoustic modelling software. It analyses your systems and allows us to produce the perfect product.

So, if you would like to do business with us, whether for an intake silencer or another model, you can contact us. We are happy to offer advice and a full service to help you get the best results.