Keep employees safe by conducing hearing tests

Industrial noise reduction is something we have specialised in for a long time. Specifically, what we do is supply a host of silencers. These installations work by minimising the noise from machinery and systems. They can tackle different types of vents, exhausts, intakes, and more. We have different models for individual environments too. As a result, we can cover all the angles for our clients.

Employers have a moral responsibility to guarantee that their team remains safe in the workplace. This may appear obvious, with most people seeing it as standard. However, it is worth considering the legal obstacles surrounding noise at work. This is in addition to the compliance legislation that aims to protect employees. As an employer, if you don’t take your responsibilities seriously, you could be open to risk, a legal one.

Let’s say that you fail to keep up with the constantly shifting risk compliance legislation. New rules demands that everyone has responsibilities and duties surrounding health and safety. The implications for failing to follow the guidelines should not be disregarded or ignored. Failure to adhere to the regulations might result in legal action. This not only means liability for compensation, but prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

One of the biggest workplace dangers is noise. This could be a shop assistant working in a store with background music. It could also be construction workers using noisy equipment. What you must address here is what makes workplace noise dangerous. You also need to look at the measures you must take to lower the danger of exposure. This would prevent long term harm to employees.

Checking employees’ hearing

Conducting hearing checks is one of the ways you can help keep employees safe from noise. You should perform these if there is a danger of noise levels damaging hearing. It will warn workers who could be experiencing early hearing loss symptoms. Additionally, this lets employers see if their noise management solutions are suitable. If they are not, they can update their protection accordingly. They can install solutions like silencers.

Hearing checks must be performed by a competent party. They must do so where employees regularly have exposure to noise levels surpassing the action values. After the employer obtains a baseline figure, it is vital that frequent checks on hearing be done. The interval between these will depend on multiple elements. Examples include risk levels and if a check reveals that hearing loss is evident.

Work with us to look at industrial noise reduction

At Ventx, we manufacture noise reducing solutions for a host of industries. Our team makes sure that everyone is able to get their hands on solutions that are practical and cost effective as well.

Noise might be a particularly difficult factor to accurately predict. Fortunately, we use special acoustic modelling software. With it, we can design suitable silencers for every client.

So, if you need help with industrial noise reduction, contact us today. We are a company you can rely on, especially if it is a loud industry such as oil and gas or manufacturing.