Think carefully about HVAC noise

Buildings all over the UK will be relying on their heating at the moment to tackle the winter cold. However, this use is probably also once again highlighting an issue many people have; HVAC noise. You may find it is a lot noisier with sounds coming from vents and ducts. It may mean you need to look at repairs, cleaning, or even installing silencers. Ventx can help with industrial silencer design, delivering the best results for clients.

The problem with the noise

In many cases HVAC noise won’t be harmfully loud. However, it can still be a major issue in a number of settings. For example, it may be difficult for people to work in offices if there are annoying noises. The sounds could be distracting and mean they can’t focus. It can be even worse for things like hotels and restaurants. Guests might not be able to relax with the sounds. It could seriously affect your business by making people not want to stay or deterring them from returning.

What to do

HVAC noises can occur for a number of reasons. Some can be due to issues with equipment such as broken fans. It could also be because of dirt in the system or even problems with the actual duct design and layout.

The first thing you should do here is inspect the system. It should help you to spot potential problems. If everything looks in order it is a good time to look at industrial silencer design.

Location is crucial

The most important thing to think about if you do need silencers for HVAC systems is location. You need to find the most effective spots, especially if you want to maximise noise reduction. Here you need to keep a few things in mind, including the type of silencer and how far areas are from the mechanical room and noise sources.

Breakout noise

A particular thing to think carefully about is the breakout noise. The majority of the sound from HVAC systems will come from vents and other openings. However, some will come directly through the walls of the ducts. That is how it gets its names because the sounds are breaking out.

While installing silencers can help with sounds from vents and things, it can be harder to address breakout noise. In some cases you may even make it worse because of the change in the flow as air enters and exits the silencer. This is another reason why you need to think carefully about where you install the silencers. Ideally you will have them where it won’t have a negative impact on breakout noise.

Talk to us about industrial silencer design

Ventx is the UK’s top expert at silencing. We understand the importance of noise control in all kinds of settings, from the loudest industrial facilities to offices, hotel rooms, and retail spaces. Our goal is to help clients tackle the sound, especially if it is loud and dangerous to the health and wellbeing of employees.

So, if you need an industry leading industrial silencer design service, speak to us. We can devise the perfect solution for you.