Prepare for steam vent noise

Industrial noise can cause many health issues, some of which are permanent. Ours is a business that aims to prevent such damages. To do so, we supply a wide range of industrial silencers. Using the likes of our steam vent silencer designs, you can prevent your facility from producing harmful levels of noise.

Of the many forms of noise that exist, those coming from steam vents are definitely among the worst. Sound levels here can be extremely high. This is especially true if the steam is very hot, high pressure, and released directly to the atmosphere.

The harm

Loud industrial noises from steam are harmful in a multitude of ways. The most well-known is that the sounds can damage hearing. Merely one incident of exposure to an extremely loud noise is enough to generate problems.

To give an example, noises at 140dB or more can lead to pain and hearing loss. A mere 15 minutes with sounds ranging from 110 to 120dB can lead to damage. Lower noise levels also have the potential to cause problems with exposure for long enough. A few hours with sounds at 85dB can cause hearing harm.

One other reason why noisy steam vents are hazardous is because of how distracting they are. The noises can cause individuals to lose focus easily when working close by. This can result in massive complications if they are doing something that demands concentration. Examples include working on ladders, driving vehicles, and using power tools. One momentary distraction is all it takes for things to go wrong.

Loud noise isn’t only damaging to people as well. You might use equipment that is sensitive to sound waves. If you don’t take the right steps, there is a chance the noises will damage said equipment.

The details you must consider

There are several details you need to consider here. For instance, the noise coming from steam vents can become far louder as temperatures rise. If your operations generate high heat levels, you will want to use a steam vent silencer.

Something else that will have a big effect on the noise is the flow rate and quantity of steam. When there are higher flows and more steam, there is more noise.

You might also encounter some huge problems if a disparity exists in the upstream and downstream pressure. If it is far higher upstream, there can be louder sounds downstream as the pressure adapts.

It is vital to note too that there can be larger complications with systems that have control valves. They are often required as a safety measure in case there is a pressure build-up. When they open though, it is likely they release steam at extremely high flow rates and pressures. What you end up with are some very loud noises.

Let us design your steam vent silencer

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience in industrial silencer design. Furthermore, we possess over four decades of acoustic knowledge, as well as 35 years of quality manufacturing. Putting all this together allows us to produce the highest quality silencers on the market.

If you need a steam vent silencer, please contact us. We can design models for all kinds of needs, including boilers, safety valve systems, and more.