Do you need a silencer for your compressor inlet?

Many different types of equipment can generate an uncomfortable amount of noise. You need to be careful about it, especially if it is so excessively loud that it could cause accidents or injury. It is also a wise idea to look at it if there is repeat exposure, even to lower levels. That can have a negative impact too. Ventx can help here, offering reliable inline silencers and other solutions. They can lower noise from several different sources.

Air compressor noise

One piece of equipment that can be particularly noisy is an air compressor. You can find them as standalone models or as part of a larger system or piece of plant. For example, compressors are crucial for things like paint sprayers, blowing systems, HVAC set ups, and pneumatic tools.

As you can guess from the name, the role of these compressors is to supply air under pressure. However, that can cause issues. Every system will need some kind of inlet so that it can physically pull in air. This intake can be noisy, especially because of valves in the system. There can also be noise when systems release any pressurised air.

How does it work?

Every air compressor will need some sort of valve to regulate the amount of air pulled through the inlet. The valves can have several names, including inlet, intake, unload, or unloader. However, they all serve a similar purpose.

The most common option for valves here are load/unload models. They have a mechanism that can open or load to allow the intake of air. Once it reaches the right pressure, it will close or unload to seal off the inlet.

There is another option though, known as continuous or modulating valves. Instead of being fully open or closing entirely, they can adapt to any point between these extremes. For example, you could have it so the intake is 70% open. These models are most common for stationary equipment or diesel generators.

The issue

You may need inline silencers here for the inlet. It can be noisy when the systems physically pull in air. However, the bigger concern is when they release it after pressurising. There may be cases when there is more air in the chamber then you need to send downstream. So, the only option is to release it. With that in mind, the valves tend to feature a small hole to accomplish this. However, releasing to the atmosphere can create loud noises.

So the solution here is to have a silencer. It can address the noise at the inlet by helping to reduce the pressure. Plus, most models can also help to improve efficiency be reducing pressure loss within the system.

Speak to us if you need inline silencers

Ventx is one of the UK’s most reputable silencer specialists. We can provide a full suite of solutions to tackle different noise problems. In fact, we are confident we can work with clients in any kind of industry, including tough ones like off-shore gas and oil exploration and chemical processing.

So, if you have a problem with noise from air compressor inlets or any other area, speak to us. We can give you the right model, whether it is inline silencers or another style. Plus, we can offer installation and long term support.