Is your autoclave experiencing problems?

Industrial noise pollution is a problem for everyone. However, it is one that businesses can solve with the right equipment. Our company helps here by providing bespoke silencers. We can provide many designs, including an autoclave silencer and options for vents. When you use our products, expect the noise levels to go down significantly.

If all was well in the world, autoclaves would work properly 100% of the time. However, as with everything else, problems can and do manifest. Noise is one of them. However, there are also plenty of others to be aware of. To overcome them, you have to know what you are looking for.

No sterilisation

The first issue we will discuss is the goods not being sterilised. When this happens it can cause all kinds of issues, such as allowing contamination or mould growth. There are many reasons why an autoclave might not be doing its job correctly. What you must do to guarantee proper sterilisation is to use a biological indicator to validate the unit.

Aborted cycle

Another potential problem is having a big liquid load that causes the sterilisation cycle to abort. Big liquid loads take a long time to heat up. This can lead to the sterilisation cycle aborting. As a result, the ideal solution is to do several smaller loads rather than one large one.

No steam

The final problem we would like to discuss is having no steam in your jacket. One of the easiest ways of handling this problem would be to make certain you turn on the power for the steam generator. Something else that is essential is to guarantee that the lines are feeding into the autoclave properly. Moreover, you have to check the heating elements to see if they are broken or damaged.

Delivering a reliable autoclave silencer

At Ventx, we have a way of ensuring that clients receive the right silencers for their needs. By using our acoustic modelling software, our team can match the silencers to the particular application. Therefore, we always offer a product that will perform.

So if you require an autoclave silencer or any other model, you can count on us to deliver an excellent product. Contact us today if you have a problem with industrial noise.