Explaining how safety valve noise happens

Industrial noise pollution is a problem that has been a concern for many years. Fortunately, we have solutions available today that can tackle it. Ventx specialises in supplying some of them. Our team designs efficient silencers meant for the purpose of noise reduction. The models we can offer include safety valve silencers and many others.

For those of you who don’t know, a safety valve is an automatic pressure relieving device. It is operated by the static pressure that is upstream of the value. It is characterised by a quick pop action or full opening. Normally, you would use one for vapour or gas services. However, the noise level here can be a concern. We are going to explain why.

Dangerous noise levels

A safety valve’s discharge noise could reach levels that are dangerous for our hearing. This can happen when it is working with high pressure vapours or gas. Fortunately, the duration and number of discharges is usually rather low. As a result, many people think the acoustic issue is not vital. Therefore, certain standards allow for noise levels that go as high as 135db. This is in proximity to the discharge.

The discharge’s position could be high. If so, the noise spreading shall be spherical. What this means is that there will be a 6db decrease for each doubling of the distance from the source. Should the distance increase from one to thirty meters, the noise level shall go down by around 30db. In order to accept 135db at one meter, you have to accept 105db at a distance of thirty meters. It is a high noise level, but one you can put up with for a very short amount of time.

Using a safety valve silencer

While it may be acceptable to allow the noise because of the infrequent nature, it is not always the right option. In fact it may be better to use a silencer that is designed specifically for the system. This can reduce the noise to a less harmful level.

At Ventx, we match our safety valve silencer designs carefully to the specific application. We do so by using our special acoustic modelling software. It analyses your systems and we use the info to create the perfect product. It will offer silencing without compromising your system.

So, if you require our services, feel free to contact us to book a consultation.