Understanding and combating noise risks in the natural gas industry

Industrial noise pollution is bad for many reasons. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find a way to minimise the sound. One way of doing this is by using a silencer. Any business that needs a reliable one should speak to us. We design, supply and fit the finest products, including our natural gas silencers, so clients can work with us in full confidence.

Safety regulations

Noise control is becoming more of an issue. This is true for the operators and owners of natural gas pipeline stations as well as production facilities. Higher occupational and environmental regulations also tend to demand noise impact tests for new establishments to make sure they don’t cause harm.

One of the biggest problems here is the danger of hearing damage to staff members. This can result in the implementation or modification of safety measures on installations.

There are actually many causes of noise issues in the natural gas industry. To help combat them, you need to know what they are. We will go over a few of them below so you can get a better idea of what to look out for.

Design issues

In many cases the noise troubleshooting will come down to acoustic weak spots in a package. Said weak spots don’t fall into the right pattern, so they could result in big noise problems.

Consultants can find a number of reasons why there are high noise emissions here. This includes noise sources that come about due to poor design. Examples of these are cooling fans, noisy valves, and uninsulated piping. If the installation is wrong it can result in more turbulence and vibration, creating louder sounds.

Untypical noise sources

These could be the result of specific maintenance or construction problems. They can include fan bells, enclosure roofs, mechanical contact, and steel structures. All can generate loud sounds.

Noise assessments and bespoke natural gas silencers

There is a great way to combat noise risks and reduce the risk of needing to make changes later. This is to do a noise assessment. Do this early in the design phase. Also, introduce suitable controls into package selection. Addressing vulnerable acoustic spots with a lengthy survey, and then introducing suitable controls, can reduce high noise levels.

At Ventx, we provide devices that enable clients to cut the noise from all kinds of machinery and systems. With our acoustic modelling software, we can match our products to the application. In other words, it is possible for us to design the quintessential natural gas silencers for you.

So, if you need our services, please get in touch with us.