The best way to use the in-line silencer

Working in a noisy environment can be more than just annoying. In fact, it can hurt you physically and mentally. Our silencers are here to change that. If you need us to, we can provide you with an in-line silencer capable of lowering the sound your facility creates. We are able to design and supply a wide variety of other models as well.

What are in-line silencers?

A silencer of this nature is a pressurised model focused on lowering the noise from compressors and valves. In order to produce a suitable design, you must have extensive engineering knowledge. In addition, you will require accurate quality processes and sufficient field experience. The result will be safe products that offer high performance.

It is possible to lower the noise that compressors or control valves generate in pipes using these silencers. Of course, you must insert them into the pipe in the right way.

The best approach to take would be to fabricate silencers with special materials. These are ones that can absorb sound in pressurised settings. They will not be exposed to the flow directly. This kind of set up allows for greater velocities when you compare to regular sound absorbing materials. In the end, you will be able to preserve the higher initial acoustic performance.

Think about the diameter variance

With in-line silencers, they are properly flanged downstream as well as upstream of the pipe. The pipe’s sizing seldom enables someone to insert a silencer without considering certain details. Among these is the diameter variance. It is necessary to enlarge the diameter to guarantee internal speed control.

When the source of the noise is a control valve, you should install the silencers close after this valve. Doing so will allow it to absorb the sound energy the moment it is generated.

Talk to us to design an in-line silencer

At Ventx, we make it a point to design our merchandise in the right ways. This way, each silencer can function properly. The existing system won’t end up compromised.

If you need our help to create an in-line silencer, please let us know. We can discuss your system and the kind of solution you need.