Industrial silencer maintenance tips

At Ventx we strive to offer the very best industrial silencer service. Our goal is to help each client to tackle their noise issues. To do this, we design bespoke silencers to suit all kinds of needs. We also offer installation and advice about maintenance. Below are some of our top tips for the latter. They can help your products to last longer.

Internal duct silencers

Anyone with ducts in their building will know how tricky they can be to access for cleaning. With this in mind, we design most of these silencers to be mostly maintenance free. A great feature is the acoustic media will have protection to reduce the erosion. Generally all you need to do to maintain these silencers is to periodically clean away dust with a vacuum.

External duct silencers

The maintenance requirements are higher here because of the exposure to higher moisture levels. It is vital to factor this into the industrial silencer design. For example you may need a weather hood to stop rain from getting into the duct. Then, you may need to have drain holes to prevent water from pooling in the silencer.

The important thing to remember here is that the moisture can cause rusting. As a result you need to check the silencers more often, generally every six months. You should inspect seams and welds, and remove any signs of rust. Then you should finish by resealing or painting.

High humidity

If you install silencers in very humid locations, whether indoors or outside, you need to check them even more frequently. This is because the conditions can cause rapid corrosion. It is best practice to do checks every three months or so. Remove any signs of rust as soon as possible and reseal.

Sadly, even if you are proactive with maintenance, it is likely you will need to replace the silencer much sooner than you normally would need to. This could be every ten years or sooner if the humidity is extremely high.

Corrosive elements

Many people will think that they need to be the most proactive when maintaining silencers in corrosive environments. Fortunately, the workload may be less than they expect. This is because the manufacturer can use corrosive resistant materials and coatings. They can offer protection for the inside and outside of the silencer. However, you still need to check them often for signs of rust. The lifetime of the silencers will also vary depending on the specific operations and environments.

Talk to us about your industrial silencer needs

Ventx can deliver reliable products and services for clients in all kinds of industries. Our silencer knowledge is extensive, adding to our acoustic expertise and manufacturing nous. That means we can offer first rate silencers to suit almost any need.

So, if you have a noisy facility and need an industrial silencer, speak to us. We can work with you to deliver the best results.