Assessing the level of risk

Since industrial noise causes so many problems, you need a solution to minimise it. The answer here is to use industrial silencers. With these devices, you are able to manage the noise levels from all kinds of apparatuses. This includes fans, compressors, ducts, and generators. You can also choose models for vents.

With nearly every packaging or manufacturing procedure, noise is an unavoidable by-product. It does not matter what industry you are a part of. Sadly, eradicating the noise might be almost impossible. However, operators have to take the right measures in order to manage it. This will enable them to adhere to the health and safety regulations. At the same time, they can safeguard the health of their workers.

How much risk?

A big part of managing industrial noise is assessing the risk level. You may have identified a process or source that could expose people to dangerous noises. If so, then you should perform a noise exposure measurement with any affected staff. This gives you a chance to get an idea of the risks of injury.

The majority of global health and safety regulations say that noise levels should not go above 85 db(A). Preferably though, you should restrict them to 50 db(A) for work needing a high number of people. For routine tasks, it should be 70 db(A).

The fastest solution

The fastest way to inspect workplace noise levels is by using the one metre rule. A person may need to raise their voice to converse with someone else a metre away. In this situation, you can assume the sound level is dangerous. In the meantime, the standard instruments used to measure industrial sound are the noise dosimeter, integrated sound level meter, and sound level meter. You should take advantage of them where possible.

Delivering industrial silencers

At Ventx, we make certain that we get the design of our silencers right every time. This way, we can ensure that they work without a risk of undermining the systems you use. Every silencer we provide is different in relation to the level of attenuation and design. However, they will all be the highest quality.

So, if you want to use our industrial silencers, please let us know. We can provide them for clients in all kinds of industries.