Consider the long term impact of excessive noise

If you are having problems with noise, our company has what you need. Industrial silencer design is our speciality. We use our skills to find solutions that will benefit clients. Since loud sounds can impact you in many ways, it will be worth your time to see what we can offer.

Loud sounds may not directly appear to influence how we feel. However, with daily exposure, gradual effects can start to set in. Such exposure is common in industrial settings. The following are some of the most substantial long-term health problems people may experience due to industrial noise.

Hearing damage

We will cover the obvious one first, which is hearing loss. The ear is a sensitive array of compact structures. They work to focus and translate sound waves to your brain. Sound moves inside your ear canal. It then vibrates the eardrum and leads to three small bones vibrating. The cochlear hairs notice this and alter the vibration. It transforms into an electrical signal that’s for your brain.

Workplaces where there are 85 decibels of unending noise are putting their employees at risk. Ears won’t have the opportunity to heal from temporary hearing loss. What’s more, cochlear hair cells will die eventually. This restricts the level of sound your ears can pass to the brain, leading to irreversible hearing loss.

The cardiovascular system

Another issue would be cardiovascular impairment. Frequent exposure to loud industrial noise can cause this. Loud sounds are often a signal to turn your fight-or-flight response on. Since this is the case, daily exposure begins this activation. Since this is the case, it can place stress on a fast-beating heart.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that noise is a stressor. Loud industrial noise can stimulate the nervous system and cause the release of hormones that cause stress. People can struggle with several illnesses linked to too much stress. It can also affect concentration, make people feel tired, and affect the mood.

Industrial silencer design

At Ventx, to create the perfect products, we use state of the art acoustic modelling software. With it, we analyse your systems and decide on the ideal silencer design. This is one that won’t compromise your own systems. However, it will effectively reduce the sound to a safer level.

If you would like more information about industrial silencer design, feel free to contact us. We have a wealth of experience so we can assist clients in all kinds of noisy industries.