A closer look at the sources of industrial noise

Most industrial settings are noisy. This is because the operations rely on heavy equipment and tend to be home to large systems. However, there are ways to address the noise. The best thing to do is analyse the facility and then choose suitable industrial silencers. Ventx can help here, offering reliable products that will perform very well.

Complex sound fields

The sound fields can be very complex in these facilities with sounds travelling via air and through solids. Sound waves can also reflect off floors, walls, ceilings, machinery housings, and more. It is unlikely there will be materials like carpeting or wall hangings to absorb some sounds. As a result more of the waves can rebound and cause louder sounds to spread through the property.

Mechanical noise

Many of the loud noises in industrial facilities are this type. It happens because of vibrations in moving parts. As a result it can come from all kinds of machinery and even HVAC systems. Sounds can be louder because of the size of the vibrating area and the velocity of the vibrations. As a result it is important to look at both if you want to reduce the noise.

Fluid noise

Loud noises can also occur because of air turbulence and vortices. The higher the velocity of the air flow, the louder the sounds can be. The main sources of these noises are fans, obstacles in the way of high speed flows, and a rapid change in discharge pressure. Here the key to silencing is reducing the flow velocity, ensure there are no obstacles in flows, and reducing turbulence.

Examples of noise sources

The number of specific sources of industrial noise is very large. For example it could be gas or air jets, exhaust fans, vent exhausts, compressors, motors, pneumatic machinery, and high speed machines.

Let us design your industrial silencers

Ventx is one of the top companies in the UK when it comes to silencer design. We support clients in all kinds of industries, from manufacturing to chemical processing. If there is a problem with noise, we can work on solutions.

So, speak to us today if you need any help. Whether you have a huge facility or a small workshop, we can provide industrial silencers to reduce the noise. They can be for specific pieces of machinery or for HVAC systems, vents, and more.