Dealing with atmospheric pressure

Industrial noise pollution affects us in a number of negative ways. It does so mentally as well as physically. Fortunately, there are solutions that can reduce the noises. We are a company that works very hard to supply them. With the likes of our discharge vent silencer, as well as our other designs, you can work in peace. The wider surroundings will also benefit.

The issue with atmospheric pressure

Oxygen, steam, nitrogen, air, natural gas, or other hydrocarbon gases and processes can be vented to atmospheric pressure. This could be released from a pressure that is higher than just a few KPa or psi. If it is, a harmful level of noise shall manifest. This can harm any workers close by. In addition, it can disturb the locals and wildlife.

The pressure could be unexpected or planned. In either case, we will be able to offer you a silencing solution that is economical. We will do this by optimising the design to achieve an acceptable noise level. This is for nearby residents and workers.

The specifications

In many scenarios, the silencer discharge could be close to local housing or worker platforms. During these cases, there is usually no choice but to provide a huge absorptive silencer.

However, sometimes, the vent discharge may not be close to platforms accessible by workers. Alternatively, it could be remote from local housing. Here it is often appropriate to use a lower spec model. A diffuser vent silencer could give you a cost efficient solution that matches your needs.

A diffuser functions by supplying back pressure onto an inlet pipe. It manages the silencer’s flow. As a result, people think of it as a pressure retaining component. Consequently, you need to create it to the same standards as the incoming pipes.

Order a bespoke discharge vent silencer

At Ventx, we design silencers to help you control the noise issues plaguing your property. Thanks to the software we use, our team can create a model that is perfect for you. It will offer optimum performance and fit perfectly.

If you require our services, especially if you need a unique discharge vent silencer, make sure you get in touch with us. We can guide you and deliver a great service.