Fan efficiency and noise go hand in hand

Fans can be vital in many industrial facilities and other buildings. However, using them can generate a lot of noise in some cases. When this happens it can harm people on and around the site. To tackle the issue, it is important to design the systems properly. It can also be necessary to use bespoke silencers. This could include an inline silencer that fits into the system.

Prioritising efficiency

One thing everyone should know is that there is a very strong link between how efficient a fan is and how much noise it generates. When fans operate at maximum efficiency, they generate the least amount of noise. On the other hand, the more inefficient they are, the noisier they will be. As a result, in many situations you can improve things by making fans more efficient.

Avoid bends

How flows approach a fan can have a big impact on both efficiency and noise. In some cases people design the systems so there is a bend close to the fan. This is something to avoid. What it does is disturb the flow and force it to change direction before entering the fan. In turn that creates a spot of higher pressure that then results in more noise.

The better option here is to design the system so that there is no bend in the approach to the fan. This will allow the flow to continue unimpeded and prevent the change in pressure. The end result will be a more efficient system and less noise.

Damper or silencer placement

Some people place dampers or silencers too close to fan intakes or exhausts on these systems. While using these products is good for tackling noise, incorrect placement can actually cause more of it. This is once again because they disturb the flows.

The best option here is to ensure there is a section of straight open duct between any feature, including any kind of damper or silencer. What this does is help to minimise flow disturbances and the noise they create. This placement could reduce the sounds by up to 12dB in some cases.

Come to us for an inline silencer

Ventx is one of the most reliable providers of industrial silencing solutions in the UK. We design products for all kinds of clients, catering for industries like manufacturing, petro chem, and more. If there is an issue with noise, we will do our best to find a solution.

So, if you need help here please contact us. We can look at your systems and decide whether an inline silencer or another style would be most effective. We can also decide on best sizing and placement.