Noise considerations for smoke shaft systems

People who frequently enter noisy environments are at a great deal of risk. As a result employers are constantly seeking out the best way to keep sound levels to a minimum. We believe we have the solution you are looking for. Our speciality is designing silencers capable of meeting all the requirements of a client. We can produce an in-line silencer and many other designs to suit them.

Two types of shaft

When thinking about noise, you can separate smoke shafts into two groups. These would be ones without and those with day-to-day comfort ventilation provision. The latter are typically the simplest to handle. To be acceptable for regular use, it would have to be quiet. That means noise cannot exceed a certain level.

It is a little trickier when it is a system without the day-to-day ventilation. When systems are merely for emergency use, there is always one question you must ask. This is whether you require attenuation for standard testing. There is no generic answer here. However, a plethora of systems are not attenuated. In addition, testing is at times when short-lived noise will cause the least problems.

Interior noise levels

Next, we will talk more about the interior noise levels. For those systems in day-to-day use, you will need a noise level that is reasonably low. For example, in a hotel corridor an acceptable noise level would be NR35-40. This would appear to be sufficient for a residential corridor too.

Without day-to-day ventilation here, there is no set noise limit for smoke control during an emergency. In most residential structures, there normally is not an alarm system that inhabitants have to hear. Therefore, a loud noise level might not be a safety issue.

In commercial establishments with an alarm set up that has sounders in the lobbies or other parts of the building, the noise level has to be 5dB below the alarm noise. This is the minimum requirement. The reason for this is so you can recognise and hear the alarm over other sounds. You might also need to keep the noise low so the rescue services can communicate.

Do you need an in-line silencer?

At Ventx we design silencers that allow you to deal with noise coming from all kinds of machinery and systems. This includes fans, duct work, generators, and compressors. Due to our acoustic modelling software, we can easily produce a silencer that works properly for you.

So, if you need our help, please get in touch with us. We can talk to you about how we create a bespoke in-line silencer or any other model to suit your needs. We also offer full support to ensure you get the best solution to your noise.