Examining front load and pass-through autoclaves

We are a team that takes on the problems around industrial noise pollution. This is something we do by supplying a huge collection of industrial silencers. We can deliver a full range of specific models, including the autoclave silencer. Thus, we have a solution available for all kinds of situations. Not to mention, our prices are some of the most reasonable around, so our items are cost efficient.

In the most basic sense, an autoclave is actually just a container that is able to reach incredibly high temperatures. They are useful for multiple applications in many different industries, including sterilisation and heat treatment. However, they can create a lot of noise. This often requires the users to purchase silencers to dampen it and make facilities safer.

The thing to keep in mind here is that there are multiple autoclave models out there, each with their own differences. By knowing more about the individual models, you will be able to choose the right silencer for your specific needs. Below we will look at two of the most common types.

Front load designs

One design would be the front load autoclave. This variety is mainly for laboratory use and comes in rectangular and circular sterilising chambers. They also have an advantage over top loading autoclaves as they are a lot more convenient to load. Furthermore, the rectangular chamber of a front loading format has a higher sterilising capacity than the top loading model. You will need a lot of space for this autoclave though.

Pass-through autoclaves

Countless procedures and processes take place in a lab. In order to carry out a lot of the work, you must have a sterile environment. Hence, there needs to be a secure and clear exit path for you to discard your waste. A pass-through autoclave will offer a great solution. Another name for these autoclaves would be double doors. Loads enter at one end and then move through, exiting safely at the other side.

An autoclave silencer to suit each specific model

At Ventx, we can design the ideal silencer for you using our acoustic modelling software. This allows us to carefully match the silencers we use to the particular application. It is important that we do this; if we didn’t there is a risk that the new addition may end up compromising your systems. That is the last thing you want.

So, if you wish to work with us to tackle industrial noise, feel free to get in touch. We can design an autoclave silencer for any need. Plus, we have the skills to design models for other loud pieces of equipment as well as systems like ducts and vents.