Silencers can reduce noise from process air

The number of industrial applications for compressed air is very broad. Some of the most popular include powering pneumatic tools and equipment, combustion, and process operations such as refrigeration. However, there are also a number of more direct uses. Often people refer to this as using process air. Whatever the use, it can be noisy. If the sounds reach harmful levels or they are too frequent, it may be wise to use industrial silencers. Ventx can design them for you.

Some uses for process air

Directly spraying compressed air is useful for a lot of applications. This includes:

Pharmaceutical use

The manufacture and packing of tablets is just one example of the use of process air in this industry. It can be a fast and reliable option. However, there are strict quality controls. The air must be dry and free of moisture so it does not damage the products. In addition, it must be germ free and often completely sterile to avoid contamination.

Food processing

Similar to pharmaceuticals, there are a number of interesting uses of process air here. It is especially good for spraying and blow-off applications to make packing food easier. Some manufacturers use it to help with transporting foodstuffs too. Once again though, the air must be free of moisture and germs.

Automotive use

This is a very challenging industry that uses a lot of different processes. Compressed air can be a great help for cleaning parts during fabrication to increase quality. It is also good for enhancing various surface treatments. It can help with painting in particular, allowing even wetting and drying to prevent paint defects.

Using industrial silencers

It can be quite noisy to use compressed air in industrial processes. Releasing, venting, and even filtering the air can all generate noise. This tends to happen because of the change in pressure or a disruption to the flow velocity. But, you can often use a silencer to tackle the problem. This can protect people on and off site and even help to improve the accuracy and performance of systems.

Ventx is one of the top designers of industrial silencers in the UK. We can offer products that will work efficiently and enhance your facilities. At the same time, they will make them far more pleasant places to work. So, if you have an issue with noise, whether you use compressed air or have other loud systems and equipment, contact us.