Do you need a silencer for your air compressor?

If you look at the various developments in recent machine-age history, few have been as crucial as the air compressor. Because of the compressors, factories, workshops and other facilities around the globe can work more effectively. However, there is an important thing to think about; the noise. We want to have a look at the topic in more detail here. Then if you need an in-line silencer to reduce the sound, we can provide it.

The impact

Before the development of air compressors and pneumatics, most tools got power from complex systems featuring wheels, belts, gears, and more. While they were more effective than manual labour, there were a number of drawbacks. Most crucially, they were often massive and heavy. As a result, businesses needed huge facilities to accommodate them. This, as well as the high purchase cost, meant they were only really accessible to big companies.

Air compressors were a massive innovation. They can deliver power efficiently in a much smaller package. As a result, they made equipment more accessible. In time as the tech developed, they also made it more affordable. As a result, you can now find pneumatic tools in factories and facilities of all shapes and sizes.

How they work and the noise issue

The basic idea of an air compressor is they draw in atmospheric air and compress it to increase the pressure. This creates potential energy. Upon release, it can become kinetic energy to power all kinds of tools.

Noise becomes an issue because drawing in and releasing air can create loud sounds. They can be dangerous to anyone in the area. So, it is important to use an in-line silencer or a series of them. Generally the best option is to have one at the inlet and another at the outlet, particularly where there is a pressure release valve.

Silencers can ensure you get the benefits of air compressors without the drawback of the noise. They can make all kinds of facilities a safer place to work, whether it is factories, workshops, power plants, or other operations.

Do you need an in-line silencer?

Ventx is one of the best experts in the UK when it comes to industrial noise. We can provide bespoke solutions for almost any needs in various industries. This can include different types of equipment, tools, and even HVAC systems.

In terms of in-line silencers, we can offer complete vessels or acoustic cores to go into pipes. They can feature materials to effectively absorb sound while also delivering as small a pressure loss as possible. More importantly, we can design them to suit any Pressure Codes.

So, contact us today to discuss your air compressors and noise issues. We’ll explore the options with you and decide if an in-line silencer will be the right solution.