Identifying noises from air vents

We’re nearing that point of the year where arguments will begin about turning on the heating. However, this is also the time where people start to notice issues. They may have not used the heating in five or six months. So, the first use after such a long period could result in strange noises from the boiler, air vents, and other areas. We want to have a look at some of the causes here. Then, if you need a vent silencer or another solution, we can provide it.


The most common sound from vents will be popping. It happens simply because the ducts are cold metal. So, when hot air goes through them, they expand. The pops happen because of the expansion. They generally stop once the metal has had time to heat up.

Other noises

While popping is natural, you may hear other noises from the vents. If you do, they are generally coming from the boiler or AC unit, or because of something in the ducts themselves. It could be as simple as dirt or a loose fan.

The best thing to do here is inspect your boiler or AC unit. If you can track the noise to it, you can ask an expert to take a look. They may find the appliance needs cleaning or repairs. If there is still noise, you may need a vent silencer.

Some noises can occur because you are making the boiler or AC unit work harder than it should. There are two major causes of this. First, you may have vents that are closed. It can make the appliance work harder, increasing the stress and causing noise. Secondly, you may have dirty filters or ducts. Again they make the appliance’s job harder, so it can get noisier.

Finally, it may be an issue with the ducts. They may be too small to meet your heating needs. Or, they could be the wrong shape. Generally round ones are the quietest, whereas square and rectangular ones are louder. Another issue could be the thickness. Thinner materials are more prone to expansion.

Speak to us to order a vent silencer

Ventx knows how much of a terrible impact noise can have, especially in commercial and industrial settings. The sounds here can put people at risk, including anyone who works and lives in the area. They can also be detrimental to the environment and wildlife. Plus, the noise can mean significantly higher costs for businesses in terms of repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

Luckily, we can offer solutions. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of acoustics and engineering, we have the ability to produce bespoke silencers. It could be a vent silencer, models for HVAC units, or even solutions for noise control valves or exhausts. So, contact us to discuss your needs.