Is a fan causing low frequency sounds?

Industrial noise pollution is a problem that pops up in many work environments. This is an issue due to the effects it can have on employees. Some of them are permanent too, including hearing damage and loss. What you need to do is use the right utensils to keep noise levels at a safe point. Our diffuser silencer can help you with that, as can our other designs.

Attitudes towards low frequency noise

In previous years, a certain misconception existed. People thought that human ears aren’t as sensitive to low frequency noise. These are the sounds from things like air conditioning or ventilation. Because of the perception, many did not think these noises should influence our quality of life.

Today, we know better. We are aware that ears are sensitive to low frequency sounds and they can result in substantial annoyance. Not only this, but there is a stress factor as well. As a result, people can experience many health conditions. Migraine headaches are a good example. It can happen because of sounds like a low rumble, particularly over the long term.

Fan noise

One explanation for noise in your ductwork can be a noisy duct fan. What we are going to do here is discuss potential reasons why it is too loud. The info should then help you to take steps to address the sound.

For one thing, you could have selected an incorrect fan operating point. Your fan may have been improperly assembled too. For instance, certain roof fans should function with the axis of rotation of the rotor vertically. Another position can result in the faster wearing of rotor bearings. This would lead to louder operation.

A lack of periodic maintenance of your vents can become problematic as well. It can lead to dirt and other particles getting into the fan.

Another reason may be a lack of elements to minimise vibration transmission between your ducting and fans. It can be better to have materials to prevent this.

An unbalanced or damaged motor can be responsible for the noise too. If there is a low supply voltage, there can be a characteristic “humming sound” from your electric motor. If the fan has the wrong angle of impeller blades, it can cause noise problems.

Do you want a reliable diffuser silencer?

At Ventx, we aid a wide variety of clients with our silencers. Many of them have had noisy HVAC systems and fans that need attention. Others had different machinery causing noise trouble. In every case, we supply them with the right solutions for their problems. The silencers are bespoke to suit their specific conditions.

So, if your circumstances call for a diffuser silencer, give us a call. We’ll support you with noise reduction to make workplaces more pleasant.