Distance and sound intensity

We all know how annoying loud noises can be. This is true whether it is at home or at work. However, in some cases the sounds can be very harmful. One very loud sound or repeat exposure to unsafe levels of noise can cause hearing damage and more. That is why there are noise limits in place in many industries. The operator may need to invest in products like a diffuser silencer to help keep sounds below this limit.

How loud is too loud?

Some people find it difficult to say when a sound becomes too loud. The limits can be different depending on a number of things, including proximity to homes and how close people are to the source on the site.

To give you a better idea of noise levels, here are some typical sounds. Firstly, keep in mind that complete silence will be zero decibels (dB). If a sound is ten times louder it will be 10 dB. Something like a quiet whisper is around this level so it is not harmful. A normal conversation will be around 60 dB. Again this is not harmful.

Noises pass into a harmful range when they are above 85 dB. Regular exposure to sounds over this level can cause hearing damage. Some examples of sounds in this range include lawnmowers (90 dB), blenders (up to 90 dB) and electric drills (95 dB).

Sounds over 140 dB can cause immediate hearing damage and be very painful to even hear. A good example of a sound that is this loud is a firework.

Distance is vital

While the amount of exposure is important, distance is also vital to determining if sounds are too harmful. The further away a person is from the source, the more chance it has to diffuse and come down to a safer level. Take the example of the firework above. Because they explode high up in the sky, the sound when it reaches people standing on the ground is less intense and safer.

It is important to keep this in mind on industrial sites. Sounds at the source may be incredibly loud and dangerous to people in the area. However, they may be safer further from the source. In this situation, it is vital to get a good idea of where the sound exceeds a safe level. From this point on people need the right hearing protection and should limit their exposure to the sounds.

Talk to us about a diffuser silencer

At Ventx we work very hard to help our clients tackle noise issues on their sites. We understand all the different sources of the sounds, whether it is heavy machinery, venting, or a HVAC system. This knowledge means we can suggest the right solutions.

One of the best options is to use silencers. This can help to cut noise at the source or where it would emerge into the open. We can design unique models to suit any need.

So, if you need a diffuser silencer or another style, please contact us. You can tell us about your facility and we will design the right products for you.