Adding an in-line silencer to your ducts

Many large industrial, commercial, and public buildings would be very unpleasant if not for the duct system. This helps to remove exhaust air as well as harmful and unpleasant fumes. At the same time it supplies clean air. However, the issue is that the ducting can generate a lot of noise. Even a slight vibration can become really loud. Luckily, you can use an in-line silencer or a series of them to reduce this.

How does it work?

The silencer fits easily into the duct. It can provide attenuation and sound absorption thanks to the media within it. At Ventx we can design bespoke ones with different silencing media to suit various needs.

The design must be correct to ensure it can effectively reduce the amount of noise. In addition, it must fit correctly. If it is too small it can make the noise worse rather than dampening it. On the other hand, if it is too large it will cause issues with installation.


There are lots of different potential uses for an in-line silencer in a duct system. For example they can fit into both supply and return ducts. Here they just need to reflect the direction the air is flowing.

The noise from ducts can be the loudest at fume and smoke exhausts. This typically happens because of the rapid change in pressure. Luckily, you can install silencers here to tackle the issue.

Loud noises can also originate from air handling units and fan plenums. However, you can install silencers close to them to reduce the noise here. You can do the same close to terminal and mixing boxes.

Some people plan for how noisy ducts will be and choose acoustically lined ones. While they can be effective at reducing noise, they are more expensive than choosing a reliable silencer.

Come to Ventx for an in-line silencer

We are proud to be one of the best silencer designers in the UK. Clients in all kinds of sectors and industries rely on us. We always design products that will suit their needs, reflecting the size, shape, and configuration of their ducts.

So, if you want reliable silencing products from an expert team, get in touch with us.