Products to help you with noise control

All kinds of industries have to think about noise control in one form or another. It may be they need to take steps to reduce how noisy it is on site to protect employees. Or, it could be there are concerns about how loud sounds could be affecting nearby people and wildlife. It may even be that noises on the site are hurting efficiency and productivity. Whatever the case, there are lots of different products you can try.


At Ventx we specialise in a very specific products – industrial silencers. We can create a wide array of different models to suit all kinds of needs. For example, we can design inline models and various other styles. We can cater for various things, including fans, exhausts, ducts, control valves, and gas or steam injectors. In each case we ensure that we design the silencer to suit the application.

Other options

However, there is a lot more to noise control than these. Industrial clients could also choose things like:

Enclosures – a specialist noise control enclosure could contain noisy industrial equipment so that sounds cannot escape.

Acoustic ventilation – heavy equipment like generators, compressors and motors can be very noisy. Here it may be a good idea to have a full ventilation system with acoustic lining.

Blankets – in some cases it is possible to soundproof noisy equipment and systems by simply using a thick wrap or blanket.

Vibration isolation pads – in a number of cases the loud noises are because of vibrations in equipment. These pads can help to dampen it and also help to preserve machinery.

Acoustic louvers – while using silencers is the best option for ducts, it is not the only one. There is also the option to install these louvers. They can provide attenuation and help to reduce the noise that escapes.

Talk to us about noise control

At Ventx we recommend that our clients take a holistic view of their facility. That way they can devise the most effective plan to tackle the noise. It may be that they need to utilise several different products to get the noises to an acceptable level.

When it comes to noise control and silencers, we are always happy to help. Clients in any kind of industry can contact us for advice. We would be happy to assist you.