Factors influencing noise from high-pressure vents

When businesses have trouble with industrial noise pollution, they know that speaking to us is their best option. For years, Ventx has been supplying the finest silencers in the UK. We offer an array of models, including steam vent silencer products. Whatever model you opt for, the end result is still the same; you will be able to manage your noise issues far better.

When we define noise, we typically say that it is unwanted sound. One of the top contributors to this is a lack of sufficient maintenance. Equipment you fail to maintain will become ineffective over time. One consequence of that is it can produce more noise due to vibrations.

Because industrial noise is such a big issue, a lot of work goes in to finding the sources and thinking about how to tackle them. One such area of concern is the noise from the high-pressure venting of gases. There are multiple factors that influence the noises from the vents.

Mass flow

This is one of the main causes of noise. The greater the mass flow, the more sound there will be. So, if you have high flow applications, you will need to do more to silence them.

The specific gas

There is also the form of gas and its specific gravity. Lighter gases are typically noisier. If you are dealing with them once again you will need more silencing.

The temperature

With temperature, greater levels lead to lighter gas flows, and higher noise levels. It may be possible to reduce the temperatures but that can be costly. A silencer to tackle the louder noises may be cheaper.

Other factors

Several other factors come into play here as well. The next one is upstream vs downstream pressure. The greater the first is relative to the latter, the noisier it is going to be.

Choke flow is up next. This happens when the upstream pressure is around two times or higher than the downstream. It makes everything far louder.

Finally, there is the opening size of diffusers, orifice plates, vents, or valves. Big diameters cause low frequency noise. Smaller diameters lead to higher frequencies.

Ask us to design a steam vent silencer for you

At Ventx, we always match our silencer designs to our clients’ applications. By using our acoustic modelling software, we analyse the systems and decide what solution would be ideal. In other words, we can provide a silencer that meets all of your expectations.

So, if you want to order a steam vent silencer from us, please let our team know. We can arrange a site visit to get a better idea of the acoustics and determine what silencers you need.