Are different silencers for generators?

We work to provide a wide range of silencers to tackle the problems that occur due to excessive industrial noise pollution. To ensure they perform to a high standard, we design them with your systems in mind. This is possible thanks to our use of specialist acoustic modelling software. We can create an in-line silencer that meets your every specification so it will deliver the right level of noise reduction.

Noisy generators

For many project managers and businesses, one of the big concerns about using generators is how noisy they can be. However, they are still vital for supplying power on various sites. That means they need to find a solution to address the risk and increase safety.

Noise pollution is a problem that has been around for a long time. In many cases it can negatively influence the people it reaches. Air pollution is much the same. However, we have all worked hard to minimise carbon emissions in the last few decades. This is thanks to stricter regulations and better engineering. Similarly, contemporary sound attenuation items can reduce a lot of the engine and exhaust sounds when you use a generator. You just need to choose the right model.

Depending on the environment your facility exists in, your local ordinances, and application, you could need an advanced degree of silencing. If your new generator set is of an open configuration, it likely won’t come with a silencer. However, generator sets in an enclosure tend to include some sort of attenuation. You may need extra measures though.

What type of silencer to use?

Generator silencers come in a myriad of designs. They all vary in terms of how they work, their shape, and the size, so it is always best to choose a bespoke model.

With reactive silencers for example, they mute noise by bouncing it around inside one chamber or several of them.

As for absorptive silencers, they are best for more demanding settings. They have a higher sound attention rating.

There are resonator silencers as well. These aren’t as common but are designed to generate less back pressure.

Talk to us about creating an in-line silencer for any kind of generator

At Ventx, we create silencers to reduce the noise coming from various sources. This includes generators, fans, ducts, and compressors. We can even cater for high pressure gas pipelines and vents. All of the silencers we make shall differ in terms of attenuation level and design. However, they will help you to minimise the noise.

So, if you need an in-line silencer, please speak to us. We will be the perfect partner to help you address noise and all of the issues it causes.