Tackling noisy manufacturing equipment

When it comes to industrial silencers, there is no one more knowledgeable than our team. We design and provide these utensils in order to help clients reduce the noise in and escaping from their facilities. Using our acoustic modelling software, we can create a diffuser silencer that is perfect for your needs. Or if another model would be more appropriate, we can design it.

While visiting an industrial manufacturing facility, you may have encountered huge production mechanisms. When in operation, they will likely be generating noisy sounds that can disturb those who stay or work there for too long. Said sounds can do more than affect the workers close to the machinery though. They can also have a detrimental effect on anyone who lives close by.

The solution to this issue, which can cause a huge amount of harm, has been discovered. You need to install a dissipative or duct silencer on the machine that produces the loud noises. It functions to minimise the annoying, disturbing, and heavy noise.

There is more than one type of silencer in existence though. As a result, we need to go over what some of them are.

Diffuser/depressive silencers

Firstly, there is the diffuser or depressive silencer. These models come with perforated pepper pots that enable the slowing of flow velocity. In addition, they stop low frequency noises. Such silencers are best for applications including control waves, jet engines, and nozzles.

Dissipative silencers

Specialist sound absorbing materials are a major feature in these silencers. They help to effectively lower noise. Usually, these products are aligned with a parallel baffle set up. You can select the thickness of your acoustic baffles according to the noise’s frequency.

Design your diffuser silencer to fit your facility

At Ventx, the industrial silencers we provide aren’t your everyday items. When you need one we make sure they are the right specs for the job. Due to the ways in which we design them, our products will be able to achieve the proper results. They also last a long time and we can provide advice about maintenance too.

So, contact us today if you need a diffuser silencer or something else to tackle manufacturing noise. We can support all kinds of manufacturers, from chemicals to automotive and anything else. Whatever noisy equipment you use, we can address the sound problems.