Two different types of noise to think about

Noise in industrial settings can be a very big problem. It can get so loud that it is harmful to people on the site, disturbing to people nearby, and damaging to the environment. There are lots of regulations in place in regards to the noise. Businesses must therefore ensure they comply or they could face big problems. Luckily Ventx can help by offering an industrial silencer to suit any need.

Before you start designing silencers though, you need to know about the types of noise you may be dealing with. There are two broad categories:


Here the sound is the result of vibrations. They can travel from a source to a receiver via solid material. The vibration can generate a lot of noise, especially when it is travelling through things like metal ducts and equipment housing.


Most noises will transmit from the source directly through the atmosphere to receivers. These sound waves can travel in all directions. As a result, they can cause a huge amount of trouble.

The role of proper maintenance

Many of the noise problems on industrial sites are because of improper maintenance. This can mean systems and equipment are inefficient. In turn that can result in them creating more noise as energy is misdirected. A number of issues are a result of this kind of problem. For example it could be a belt slipping, steam leaking, issues with wear on bearings or gears, or problems with linkages.

A solution here is to ensure you have the right maintenance plan in place. You should be monitoring equipment regularly and taking care of upkeep. You also need to ensure you are replacing parts before they wear so much that a lot of energy is lost as noise.

Come to us for an industrial silencer

In some cases good maintenance alone is not enough to tackle the noise problems. Here the best solution is to choose the right silencers for each application. There are models to suit various needs, including structure-borne as well as airborne noises. Ventx can help, offering the best design services and expert manufacturing.

If you are having issues with noise, please contact us. We can talk to you about why an industrial silencer is the right option for you. Then, we can use our design software to create the perfect model for you.