What silencers do you use for generators?

Things can get a bit too noisy in lots of workplaces. In some cases this can be a big issue and also put people’s health and productivity at risk. Luckily we are here to offer silencing solutions for various systems and equipment. We design all kinds of products, including a safety valve silencer and various other designs.
Silencers have a vital job when they are used with generators. It’s the same one that the muffler does for engines. The job is to lower the noise when combustion occurs. There are many types of silencer to choose from here, so you can get the right product.

Cylindrical silencers

These were some of the first shapes produced for generators. There are three basic silencer designs; combination, absorptive, and reactive. You can use them for exterior as well as interior applications. You’re also free to mount the silencer vertically or horizontally. People consider the cylindrical designs to be highly economical due to the number of different uses.

Low profile silencers

This is another option you could consider. The difference here is there are many shapes to choose from. Examples include round, oval, and rectangular. The space that’s available will decide which shape is best. Normally, you would use a low profile silencer in generators found within sound attenuated enclosures.

Spark arrested silencers

In some cases generators operate inside combustible environments. When they do, you must change the current exhaust system. This ensures that the sparks that occur because of the combustion aren’t emitted to the exterior atmosphere.
You may need to use spark arrested silencers. They typically have a cylindrical shape that permits the carbon sparks to circulate inside the silencer. After this they drop into a collection box. It is vital to empty the box on a regular basis.
At Ventx, we have a specific way of doing things. We start by looking at the systems you currently have in your property. When we have enough info we’ll use it to design and manufacture a silencer that fits and does a great job. We offer various designs so you can come to us for a safety valve silencer or another type.
If you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.