All About Control Valve Silencers

Here at Ventx, we offer our clients industrial silencer designs, including gas ejector silencers, direct line silencers, vent discharge silences, and control valve silencers. Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on the latter option.
What is a Control Valve Silencer?
A valve control silencer is used as a type of diffusion technique that reduces pressure, a diffuser installed downstream from a control valve. They are able to decrease the pressure of the gas flow whilst at the same time as absorbing as much sound as possible. This process makes use of both an expansion chamber, and an absorptive core. It is also possible to design it in a way that the slot width and length offers the correct attenuation of the diffuser noise spectrum.
How Does it Work?
The way the control valve silencers work is different from other kinds of path treatments as part of its main functioning is to absorb noise energy. Used in combination with a diffuser, for control valve applications operating at high pressure ratios, it’s possible to use a series approach. This enables you to split the total pressure drop between the control valve and a diffuser, minimising the overall noise level. As steam or gas enters the silencer (through the diffuser), the air expands into the different holes to the expansion chamber. Therefore, the noises that would be created by releasing gases into the atmosphere is greatly reduced.
Why Ventx?
Here at Ventx, we are considered leaders when it comes to control valve silencer manufacturing. These silencers are about to reduce undesired noise pollution when releasing pressurised gas, including oxygen and nitrogen. We have over forty years of knowledge in this industry and sue the most innovative computer software, delivering the highest quality equipment and the most experienced staff. Our control valve silences last for years and are consider the most affordable industrial silencers available. We follow key regulations such as the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) and the Environmental Noise Regulations (2007).
Bespoke Service
Here at Ventx, we get to work by first analysing your plans, or otherwise assessing your current installation by completing a survey on your company. These results will provide us with the information that we need in order to design and manufacture silencers that are custom-made for your business. We aim to provide a bespoke service that is guaranteed to meet your needs. We make sure to use the best quality materials, as well as the latest manufacturing techniques so we can craft a silencer that is perfectly suited to you. You may require new silencers for a new development project, or you need silencers for your existing structure, and we will be pleased to help you with your needs.
Contact Us
For more information about control valve silencers, please fill out our online contact form, or email us at Alternatively, you may also speak to us directly by calling us on +44 (0)1923 238397. A member of our dedicated team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have for us.