What kind of noise can come from gas and diesel-powered engines?

Since industrial noise pollution can cause so many problems, you have to tackle it before it becomes too dangerous. To do this, you need the right products. Our business excels in providing silencers that can minimise the noises from various sources. We can build an intake silencer and many other models to match your facilities.

When you use a massive gas or diesel-power four/two stroke engine or turbine, huge amounts of air get drawn into the equipment. This is so it can allow the combustion. Such air induction set ups could be aspirate naturally. Alternatively, they might use compressors or turbo chargers to augment the air pressure. This is the pressure that feeds into the cylinders or air mixing chambers to amplify performance or efficiency.

Air speed and rotation noises

The speed at which air enters the system can produce massive amounts of noise. Furthermore, the compressor’s or turbo charger’s high rotating speed can make sound radiate down the induction pipe. From there, it can go through the intake filter and out into the atmosphere. This is especially noticeable on incredibly huge rotating induction systems. Noise levels here can surpass 120 dB within the greater 2000 to 4000 Hz frequencies.

The central pod

Something else the design has is a central pod, which partly obscures the line of sight. This tackles the flow velocity noise linked with the great levels of cool air needed to feed every form of internal combustion engine. It is the same with blowers of all configurations and sizes, as well as boilers and small gas turbines.

With some modifications, you can use a silencer on low pressure gas, air, or steam pipelines. Here, noise radiation could be evident. Under moderately different circumstances, you can also use a silencer for medium to high velocity air discharge and exhaust applications. You just have to make sure you get a suitable model to fit the system.

Talk to us to design your own intake silencer

At Ventx, we are careful when we design our silencers for clients. It is necessary to match our utensils with the specific application. With the acoustic modelling software we use, this is simple. It also ensures we can provide the very best results.

We support clients across the UK from an array of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals processing, manufacturing, and more. Many of them rely on huge noisy engines to power different equipment and systems. So, if you find yourself in need of an intake silencer, please let us know.