The multiple forms of exhaust silencers

We supply high calibre industrial silencers that users can rely on. The purpose of these devices is to diminish the noise coming from various forms of equipment and machinery. These contraptions can produce a lot of sound, which can prove to be harmful in various ways. However, with our in-line silencer products, we well as other designs, you will be able to tackle the issue and improve safety.

One design that is common in most industries is the exhaust silencer. These can fit into the exhaust systems of engines, generators, and more. They control the noise by changing the speed and direction of the exhaust gas flow. The right design can reduce the sound to a much safer level. They can also potentially improve performance as long as there is no restriction to the gas flow.

Multi-chamber silencer

A variant of the exhaust silencer is the multi-chamber model. These are utilised in most engines and are designed to manage the noise. This is while it creates suitable back pressure levels. They are models that don’t affect the performance disproportionately.

These silencers are great for naturally aspirated engines, as well as in supercharged ones. They feature numerous chambers into which gas sequentially flows prior to escaping.

Straight-through silencer

There are also straight-through silencers. They are suitable for turbocharged engines in addition to some naturally aspirated ones.

Here the silencer passes gas through the silencer’s centre in a straight line with no deviation. Therefore, the exhaust gas does not have any kind of restriction that could cause turbulence. Due to the effect of a quick gas discharge, the performance is better. At the same time, the noise levels will fall.

Speak to us for an in-line silencer for an exhaust system

At Ventx, we are careful when we match our silencers to each specific application. To get the right results, we use acoustic modelling software. With it, we analyse systems and use the information to design and produce the ideal silencer. This is how we deliver the most reliable products.

We are the top supplier of in-line silencer solutions in the UK. So, if you would like us to help you with noise problems, please let us know.