The truths surrounding noise-induced hearing loss

Having to deal with loud noises is not only annoying but harmful too. Hearing impairment is just one potential side effect. There are many other physical symptoms that you can experience. Fortunately, we have a solution. This would be to use one of our silencers, like the discharge vent model for instance.

There are countless individuals out there with hearing loss issues. This might have been caused by leisure activities. More likely, it could have been due to a noisy workplace. The root cause of hearing loss can initially seem straightforward. However, noise-induced hearing loss has several misconceptions surrounding it. We are here to take a closer look.

Noticing a problem

Some believe that this hearing loss is noticeable immediately. It is true that numerous people suffer temporary hearing loss following a concert or loud party. However, a damaged ear is something that you may not notice right away. In fact, it could be a problem you only notice in the future when someone points it out.

It only happens with regular exposure

Another misconception is that the hearing loss only happens if you expose yourself to loud sounds regularly. One single exposure to a sudden loud noise is all it takes to cause hearing loss. As a result, it is vital to have hearing protection. An industrial silencer can help to reduce sounds at the source too.

Industrial noise

Last but not least, there are those who believe that it is only loud music that causes hearing loss. If you are an industrial worker, your profession can be as dangerous as your hobbies. In fact, industrial noise stands as one of the leading causes of hearing loss. This is one of the many reasons why people install silencers in these environments.

A bespoke silencer for your discharge vent

At Ventx, we design our products to keep people safe from the dangers of loud noises. We can create a myriad of models to suit any kinds of needs. For example, we have options for vents, fans, machinery, and more. To ensure we design the right one, we use advanced acoustic modelling software.

If you would like more information about silencers for a discharge vent, feel free to call us. We can discuss how they work as well as the kind of performance you can expect.