How well do you know blow down applications?

Part of the reason why we are so successful is because we have a long history in industrial silencer design. Thanks to our experience, we can design a blow down silencer that meets all the needs of our clients. We are capable of serving all kinds of businesses, including those who work in petro-chem, gas and oil, and other industries.

If you want the right silencer, then you need to understand what a blow down application is. We define applications of this nature as where your goal is to expel high pressure gas from a set volume. Usually, there is a final pressure and time constraint specified that is not far from the atmospheric pressure. With silencers, the most common use would be on natural gas compressor pipelines and stations.

Data requirements

For a blow down application, there are several pieces of data that you will need. The pressurised volume is one of them. Greater volumes demand bigger silencers.

You need to know what the maximum blow down time is too. Longer times allow you to use more compact silencers. In emergency scenarios, the total allowable time could be 60 or 180 seconds.

Lastly, you need to understand the final blow down pressure. You might end up specifying a final one that is under 50 psig. If you do, this shall make it hard to meet the time requirements with economic silencer selections.

When selecting your silencer, it is essential for you to use the maximum flow rate. You can’t use the average one. If you go down that route, it is going to operate at as much as 2.5 the acceptable maximum velocity for your instrument. This will be the case for the initial 35% of the blowdown cycle. This can lower the lifespan of your equipment. Therefore, you should avoid it.

Come to us for a bespoke blow down silencer

At Ventx, we understand how difficult it is to accurately predict noise. To make things easier, we employ modern computer software. This lets us create a model of the noise level that is likely to come from your facility. With the right information, we can create a suitable solution.

If you require a blow down silencer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you to reduce noise on your site.