The terminology related to silencers

There are various solutions out there for industrial noise reduction. We are a company that supplies the best ones on offer. They come in the form of our silencers. Customers have plenty of options to choose from. Examples include our control valve, vent discharge, direct line, and gas ejector models.
When you work with silencers, it’s good to know about the terminology that relates to them. Here are some of the terms you may hear.


This is when you excite the ductwork’s walls on the silencer’s upstream side into vibration. The vibration then transfers through the silencer’s interior components and walls. It finally re-enters the downstream duct path in noise form.

Pressure attenuation code

This is another important term. It is a code to establish a silencer cross section’s percentage of free area. A decline in free area normally leads to increases in insertion loss. There’s also an escalation of pressure drop all over the silencer.

Forward air flow

This is also something you should be familiar with. It’s a condition that occurs when air flow and airborne sound move in the same direction. Other words for it include supply air flow and positive air flow.

Silencer bank

This is a complete silencer assembly. It can include several or one single silencer component. The bank dimensions are the universal ones of the whole silencer. Normally, they mirror the duct as well.

Silencer module

This is a part of the silencer that includes a sole air path positioned between two acoustic baffles. A silencer is able to possess a series of modules inside one component.
At Ventx, we’re able to design silencers for many manufacturing operations. As a result we can offer effective industrial noise reduction.
We reduce noise by using our cutting edge computer software. With it, we fashion predictive acoustic creations for systems still in the design stage. If you wish to know more, feel free to contact us anytime.