Performance parameters you should be aware of

Whenever they need to keep noise levels at a minimum, people contact us. They know that we supply top-notch industrial silencers for just that purpose. There are various models to choose from, therefore we can cater for many needs. One of the most popular in our collection would have to be the steam vent silencer. Whichever one it is you require, we’re certain that you’ll love the results they produce.
Many of us demand noise control measures like silencers for HVAC systems. There’s something important you must do when selecting one. You need to consider the performance parameters. This way you can ensure you get the right results.

Vital parameters

One such parameter would be airflow direction and velocity. Both of them will influence your silencer’s performance so you must plan for them.
Generated noise is another parameter that’s vital here. This is the sound generated when air travels through a silencer. It moves at a given direction and velocity. These values symbolise the degree of sound that the silencer creates. Lower values shall specify a superior performance.

Constituents within the ducts

Constituents inside a duct system are also able to negatively affect a silencer. This is if they are too near the discharge or inlet. Examples of these constituents include transitions, tees, and elbows.
The impact the things above have on the silencer is what we call system effect. A component’s effect on the performance depends on what it is. How far it is from the silencer’s outlet or inlet is also crucial.
There should be a design goal for all silencers. Aim for a minimum of three to four duct diameters downstream as well as upstream of the silencer.
At Ventx, we use our computer technology and bespoke solutions to configure every steam vent silencer. To meet current legislation, we must use this approach to personalised design. It also ensures that we offer the very best results.
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