The source-path-receiver concept

It’s not easy trying to lower the noise in certain working environments. Luckily, we are a business that excels in industrial silencer design. As a result we can create a solution for almost any need. Because every job is unique, we must create something that suits the individual requirements. We are able to do this with our advanced computer software.
There is an essential approach people use when dealing with noise control. This is to divide every issue into its basic components. Doing this is what we call the source-path-receiver concept. You can break every noise control hurdle down into three parts. The source of the noise is the first. A path conveying the sound waves is the second. The receiver that hears it is the third.

Options for lowering sound

Separate options exist for minimising the sound at every point. The most effective and desirable course of action is to tackle the noise at the source. You can opt to replace your current equipment with quieter models. This could get rid of the sound issues before they pop up. However, this can be very expensive and you may not have the necessary funds.
The next best thing after this would be treatment options along the path. Silencers are at the forefront when it comes to these options.
You should contact your equipment supplier. This will let you get an idea of how powerful your silencer should be. In turn it will affect the industrial silencer design. They can also help you acquire source sound power levels.
With HVAC systems, there are several common sound sources. Examples include mechanical equipment and VAV components. Fans and element generated flow noise are other standard sources.
At Ventx, we blend the data we receive from our software together with the experience we’ve gained. This method makes creating a proven solution so much easier. Once everything is in position, we can start fabricating your silencer.
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