The specifics behind blow down valve noise

High noise levels cause many problems for various industrial workers. It can result in health issues and even have an impact on performance if they can’t concentrate. Ours is a business that aims to keep people safe by designing and then installing specialist silencers. By using our software and applying decades of knowledge, we can produce blow down silencer designs and various others that suit your every need.

Blow downs

A blow down valve is a versatile device that can serve a number of functions. In engines and motors it is capable of releasing the pressure in the intercooler and intake pipe. It stops the boost from heading back into the turbo and stops damages to the fins or intercooler. This valve is critical to the health of a turbine system.

You can also find these valves in industrial settings. They are common on boilers, heat exchangers, and compressors. The role here can be a bit different though. While they can release pressure, some are for removing solid impurities and sludge from systems. They can get rid of contaminants to maintain system performance.

Whatever the use, the primary goal of the blow down valves is to save the system or piece of equipment from harm. If you allow pressure or undissolved solids to build to dangerous levels, it can mean big issues. For example, it can cause system failure and costly shutdowns. Even if everything seems to work properly, you could be dramatically reducing the lifespan of the systems or equipment.

The noise a blow down valve will make

While the valve is operational, it makes a fair amount of noise. You may need to invest in a blow down silencer or series of them to tackle it.

The sound here is often a loud “whoosh”. It occurs when valves open and release gas into the environment. For example, the air inside the intake system gets pressurised and the blow down valve opens. The air present goes to the low pressurised area from the high pressurised area. When this happens, it leads to the sudden expansion of the air. That creates the whooshing noise.

As for the loudness of the sound, it will depend on the limit of the closing and opening of your valve. Should your system open entirely, the sound will be extremely loud. If it only opens partially, the noise won’t be as significant.

One thing to note with engines and motors is the boost level within the intake system will have a big impact on the noise level. When the boost is high on the intake, the noise will be incredibly loud. What’s more, it will stick around for longer.

The noise depends on the blow down valve’s size too. So, you need to factor this in when you consider the system or equipment.

Delivering the very best blow down silencer products

At Ventx, we help clients by providing them with the exact silencers that they need. This could be for blow down or other types of venting, processing, and even routine HVAC systems. Using our acoustic modelling software, we will ensure that it is a silencer that works properly.

So, if you would like to do business with us for a blow down silencer or any other model, feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help all kinds of clients.