Examining absorptive, film-lined, and packless silencers

There is a lot that can go wrong because of industrial noise pollution. Our job is to ensure you and your colleagues stay safe while you work. To do so, we provide specialist silencers. They work by attaching to your systems and minimising the noise they produce. For example, you could use a suitable blow off silencer to tackle noise from these operations. We are confident we can offer solutions to improve safety and performance in all kinds of facilities.

Silencers are often used as part of HVAC systems to minimise noise. These sounds would otherwise transmit to the closest exterior or interior space. In large industrial and commercial applications, you can use them in huge banks. You can do so to stop noise from transmitting into the environment.

There is a myriad of silencer designs available too, which suit a huge array of requirements. The ones we wish to look at here are absorptive, film-lined, and packless.

Absorptive silencers

These models include an outer metal casing that houses internal baffles. The baffles contain a perforated metal liner, which faces the airstream. Also, they feature sound absorbing acoustic media.

Silencers such as these are some of the most common types. You can use them in any application where it is appropriate to have your acoustic media come in contact with the airstream.

Film-lined silencers

Here you have the same kind of baffle design you can see in absorptive models. One difference exists though. There is a thin polymer film liner that separates the airstream from the acoustic media. Setting things up this way prevents cross contamination.

An acoustic standoff between the perforated metal and film liner exists here. It guarantees uncompromising performance. Usually, you would find such silencers in healthcare applications.

Packless silencers

They are designed to supply solutions for noise control where fibrous acoustic material isn’t allowed in the airstream. Packless models offer attenuation, only without using acoustic media. Usually, you would use them in laboratory and critical environment applications.

Get in touch with us if you need a blow off silencer

At Ventx, the silencers we provide have numerous benefits for both industrial site workers and visitors. In addition, by using them, you are able to conform to the UK environmental standards. We help individuals with existing sites, excelling at introducing the best solutions. However, we can also assist people who have plants that are at the design stage. It can be easier to tackle noise at this point instead of retrofitting.

So, if you require a blow off silencer from us, please let our team know. You can get in touch to give us more information about your needs and to arrange a consultation.