The sizing and materials required for vent silencers

Everyone who owns a noisy industrial facility wants to limit the sound. They need the most effective means to do so. We can assist you with this. Ventx can provide silencers for various types of installations. Our team can even give you one that is especially made for a gas vent.
The purpose of a vent silencer is to lower the noise from the expansion of steam or gas at higher atmospheric pressures. People use these silencers to inhibit noise from high velocity gas streams. Examples of these include purge outlets and system blow down. In addition safety relief valve outlets and steam vents can benefit from them.

What material to use?

You would normally create a vent silencer from carbon steel. However, it is possible to use other substances. You would do this in order to meet application or design specs. These include oxygen service, corrosive environments, and high temperature. Material recommendations also hinge on the operating conditions.

Great materials for corrosive settings

You can design complete silencers or separate components for use in areas where corrosion is an issue. Ideally, you should use a 300 series stainless steel. This may be grade 304 or grade 316. For oxygen service, you could use a Monel or Monel/300 series steel fusion. You use this in tandem with special degreasing and cleaning processes.


As for size, vent silencers need to obey the government ordinances. They must protect the employees from intemperate noise too. You can size the silencers to deal with several flow rates and valve pressures. This is to preserve the reduction of noise levels.
At Ventx, we start by designing a silencer to suit your gas vent and facility. Then, we use first rate materials and manufacturing methods to create the apparatus. When it meets our quality standards it is ready to install.
If you need your own gas vent silencer or a similar item, please contact us.