Polluted airlines can cause problems

Trying to limit the noises emitting from your facility can be quite the challenge. If you have the right equipment however, you won’t have much trouble. Our company assists people in these situations by providing them with discharge silencers. We have the means to offer you several other models as well.
With certain exhausts, the quality of the compressed air is a vital consideration. It can affect a proper balance between noise reduction and back pressure. However, you can adjust this balance by varying the surface area, thickness, or porosity of the diffusing substance.


This is the main attribute you need to alter. The reason is that thickness and surface area influence the mechanical strength and size. Compact pore size will result in small and effective silencers with decent flow rates.
However, these silencers can suffer from blockages. Soon enough, this will interfere with the working ability of the mechanism they attach to. This shall happen fast if you use them in a polluted airline. When a silencer supports a pressure gradient, the pollutants end up deep inside the body of the diffusing material. As a result you reach a point where the driving force can’t conquer the resistance to flow. In practice, silencers don’t normally become blocked entirely. Yet, the debris can severely limit the flow.

Strike a balance

You can counter the progressive flow rate reduction in compact pore silencer membranes. To do so you must increase the pore size. However, this lowers the level of noise limitation a silencer can give. Therefore, you must strike a balance between noise reduction and pore size.
At Ventx, we can find the most appropriate designs for your needs. You might need discharge silencers or a completely different model. By surveying your premises, we will have the details we need to fashion the right silencer.
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