Reducing noise levels through the use of inline silencers

Sometimes compressors, pipes, and control valves can emit noise. This is why people often look into products like inline silencers. To create the best silencer for your needs, you need the right knowledge of engineering and suitable field experience. You can benefit from these when you rely on Ventx. We also have the facilities and equipment to deliver high quality products.

What Is An Inline Silencer?

The flow of gas can become disrupted when passing through a pipe or chamber. This can create noise. The downstream piping can sometimes amplify it too. As a result you might want to look into fitting an inline silencer. This can help balance the flow and eliminate noise at the source.
A silencer is a piece of technology that, when installed, helps with the attenuation of noise levels that go through duct systems. This is a passive device that won’t impede the flow of air when you attach it. They are excellent for dealing with loud and annoying sounds that travel through your duct work. This might come from fans, air-conditioning systems and loud furnaces.

Give Ventx A Call

Ventx creates silencers with an inlet diffuser which lowers the valve size. There are different specifications for inline silencers. This is why we provide clients with diffuser and insert models to meet your needs. We can supply you with products for use in pressurised systems as well as those to a suitable pressure design code.
You should reach out to us if you ever find that you need an inline silencer. We have 40 years worth of acoustic knowledge as well as 35 years of quality manufacturing. We will work hard to make sure that what we supply you with meets the highest of standards.
Ventx knows how to provide you with a cost effective and custom built system you can rely on to help you deal with noise. Get in touch with us now to discuss your needs.